Engine tuning products

Turbo Boost Controller

When changing the Turbo system with a higher-pressure one or when mounting it on an atmospheric engine there is a need of control of the made pressure for optimal work of the engine.

DEK Turbo Boost Controller controls the pressure of the Turbo system and keeps the values for each 500 rpm, allows the use of over-boost period and is suggested for modified cars.

This device uses a fast microcontroller and digitally controlled disloading valve for adjusting the pressure produced by the compressor and measured by an external MAP sensor.


The next lower curve of the pressure can be switched on by a button on the board, the steering-wheel or on the lower gears for a better cohesion on set off.

Anti-LAG operational mode - significantly decreases the time for busteling of the turbine, the gears can be changed fast, without letting of the gas pedal . The controller switches off the sparkling for over 4000 rpm and unlit benzine in the exhaust collectors rotates the turbine

The programming of the Turbo Boost Controller is done by the specialized software DEK-TBC for PC working on all WIndows versions. The communication is made by the serial interface RS-232. The software allows to save all the parameters and maps on the hard disk and offers the following abilities:

- Absolute control over the created pressure by the compressor;
- Two programmable maps - pressure/rpm;
- Ablility for real-time observation of the parameters;
- Saving and viewing of the last 30 seconds of information for the pressure and rpm.
- Over-pressure protection.