Automation projects

DEK offers possibilities for developement of systems which are applicable in the monitoring and the controlling of the technological processes. The systems can be universal as well as with an application conformable to the concrete requirements of the customer

Our developements are based on the most modern microprocessors and measurement sensors as well as on the developement of a specific software for each product. The controlling and the programing can be accomplished with a personal computer or autonomous in dependence of the requirements of the customer.

The general advantage of the automation systems we develope is the relatively low price of production and maintenance as well as the high quality of the accessible products on the market and the fast and qualitative service.

Contacts :
Address: 38A "Gen. N. Stoletov" Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (0)2 423 33 66, GSM: +359 (0)88 880 34 33