Constructors` office DEK Electronics

DEK - Конструкторско Бюро

DEK's design office has started its work since 1990. It is orientated mainly in the field of electronics for car servicing stations especially in the field of autodiagnostics and tuning systems for combustion engines. The autodiagnostics products are registrated in the Ministry of transportation and they have certificates for use in the Annual technical inspectations.

The main goal of the office work is the developement of qualitative technics on reasonable prices whics is analogous of the imported ones as well as the developement of new products which are helpful in car servicing stations and autodiagnosticians. Developement of products based on an exact customer's desire is offered. The products are developed with the most contemporary high-tech microprocessors and with a specific software, developed for each one of them.

There is an ability for young specialists who wish to work in the field of electronics and autodiagnostics.

Contacts :
Address: 38A "Gen. N. Stoletov" Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (0)2 423 33 66, GSM: +359 (0)88 880 34 33