Engine tuning products

Advance Timing Controller

Very proper for cars with propane-butane or methane systems

The device changes the advantage of the ignition sparkle based on the factory parameters. It is developed especially for modified engines. The curve of advantage can be tuned up in the range from 1000 to 8000 rpm with a real resolution of 100 rpm.

Circumstances demanding more advantage of the ignition:
- Old engine with lower effective compression;
- Rarefied engine (with a low degree of compression);
- Worsened injection in some revolutions (sport shafts);
- High-octane benzine.

Circumstances in which a decreasing of the angle of advantage of the ignition:
- Improved filling of fuel-air mixture;
- Increased compression degree;
- Increased pressure of turbo;
- Use of nitro-systems (in the moment of working)
- Modified combustion chambers.

Prices without VAT :

Plastic Body :
- One-channel (for distributror systems) - 49
- Two-channel (DIS* ignition systems)- 63

Aluminum body :
- One-channel (for distributror systems) - 63
- Two-channel (DIS* ignition systems) - 73

- For COM port - 18
- For USB port - 24


DEK Advance Timing Controller ATC 54
Advance Controller




* DIS ignition systems - Two or four coils directly conected to the sparking plugs and controlled by the computer of the car without distributor

- Possible input for a button for traction control. Programing of second curve of advantage which can be activated only by a pressed button.
The button can be placed so it can start working on low gears of the gear box. When decreasing from the optimal values of the advantage has been programmed it can lead to a decreased power and a better start without a slipping of the tyres.
- Key which can activate the second 'forgotten' advantage curve - fore rainy conditions with lower power.


Example for use :
The sport shaft demands more advantage of the ignition in the case of low and middle revolutions and less in the case of high revolutions of the engine which is promoted by the changed mode of work. The use of sport shafts leads to more inferior filling in low revolutions and better filling in high revolutions. When the filling is worse there is a decreased degree of compression which demands higher advantage of the ignition. In the case of high revolutions the situation is opposite.

When nytro systems are used a decreased advantage in comparison with the factory curves are needed, becouse of the extremely fast combustion of the mixture N2O-benzine.