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MegaSquirt 2 is a computer device projected for monitoring and correcting of the engine work due control of the injectors. The computer calculates the fuel injection time in dependence of the engine work and the monitored parameters:

- Temperature of the incoming air in the engine;
- Engine temperature;
- Engine loading;
- LAMBDA sensor values;
- Rpm.

The device can be used as a substitution of the original ECU of the car. It has the ability to measure the revolutions of the engine by an inductive sensor, Hall sensor or KL1 and it works in the range from 800 to 16 000 rpm. It can work with four-cycle engines as well as with two-cycle engines which makes it appropriate to use in jet-boats, motorcycles, etc.

There has an ability for correction of the ignition advantage of the fuel-air mixture.

Base price for empty MSII with VAT: €380
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Where can I order from ?

  • For inquiry and mounting or a whole project :
    • DRAGPOWER, GSM: +359 (0)88 7890111, Volen Vasilev;
    • HEED 91, GSM: +359 (0)88 8350538.
  • For ordering an empty Megasquirt:
    • Phone: +359 (0)2 9311222; GSM: +359 (0)88 8803433, Mladen Doychev

DEK Mega Squirt eXtra
DEK Mega Squirt eXtra
Megasquirt I eXtra


DEK Mega Squirt II
DEK Mega Squirt eXtra
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