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Automotive wiring installations

In the last 20 years the electronics has found a serious application in the modern cars. Nowadays every car has a central electronic control unit (ECU) which commands the car engine's work. It collects and monitors information from plenty of sensors.

All the sensors' values are sent via a large number of wires to the ECU. The ECU itself commands the executive devices through another number of wires.

All this cable installation gets older with the years and it is possible to get damaged, thus it is able to damage (sometimes totally) the car's ECU!

An example for this mallfunction is the MERCEDES ECU damaging which stands their owners in front of serious financial test.

If you are in a need or just want to replace your old wiring installation you can call us!

The price for a new wiring installation
starts from €225

If you have accidently had the unhappyness to had a damaged ECU of your car do not discourage! Maybe we can resolve your problem:

MERCEDES commutator