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Gas Analyser DEK DG-04IR

COM port / USB port / Windows 98/ME/2000/XP CERTIFICATE

(The device is approved measuring device type BG 04 No. 4245)
(For Annual Technical Inspection)

The gas analyser DEK DG-05IR is a measuring device which is developed for control and regulation of the burnt gases from combustion engines .

The gas analyser can measure the following components:
Carbon monoxide - CO;
Carbon dioxide- CO2;
Carbohydrates - HC;
Oxigen - O2;
Nitric oxide- NOx (as an option).

During its work the gas analyser DEK DG-04IR is doing complex measurements which guarantee its wholeness and proper work.

Included in the set :
- DEK DG-04IR;
- Hose with a probe for exhaust-pipe (6 m);
- Revolutions clamp and temperature sensor.

Price with VAT: 2400



Additional option:
Vibroaccoustic sensor for measurement of the revolutions of engines directly from the exhaust gas coming from the exhaust pipe. The sensor is built in the handle of the exhaust-pipe probe and it is able to convert the pulsations from the pipe into a signal, that is identical to the one from the revolutions clamp. In this case the cable of the sensor is connected to the device along with the exhaust gas hose.

The vibrosensor is able to work with all other brands of gas analysers, that have a revolutions input "inductive clamp".

The vibrosensor has a built in divider for engines with a different number of cylinders. The choice is done by a button and the indication is with LEDs.

Price of the vibrosensor: 330


Gas analyser DEK DG-04IR

Front panel view

Vibroacoustic sensor for gas analyser DEK DG-04IR
Vibroaccoustic sensor (Additional option)


Gas analyser DEK DG-04IR

Rear panel view


Included in the set

Gas analyser DEK DG-04IR
Probe for exhaust pipe

Gas analyser DEK DG-04IR
Revolutions clamp


Technical and metrological characteristics of DEK DG-04IR

Measurement range:
CO . 0 to 15% vol.;
CO2 0 to 20% vol.;
HC .. 0 to 15000 ppm vol n-hexane;
O2 (*) 0 to 25% vol.

Measuring accuracy :
CO - 0.02% vol. 3%;
CO2 - 0.3% vol. 3%;
HC (propane)- 8ppm vol. 3%;
O2(*) - 0.1% vol. 5%;
(*)Absolute (% vol.) or relative (%).

CO - 0.001% vol.;
CO2 - 0.01% vol.;
HC 1 ppm vol. n-hexane;
O2(*) - 0.01% vol.

Reaction time (for 0-95%):
CO < 3 s
CO2 < 3 s
HC < 3 s
O2(*) < 40 s (21% <0.1%)

Normal< 60 s
Full< 90 s
(*) for reaction when the values are changing from 0 to 21%.

Engine revolutions 0 to 10 000 RPM.

Oil temperature in the engine 0 to 150 deg.

Temperature sensor - thermo-resistant;
Revolution sensor inductive peg;
Oxigen sensor 1 Dr. Gamberd GMBH.

Enviroment parameters
Enviroment temperature 0 to 40 deg.;
Atmospheric pressure 800 hPa to 1060 hPa.

Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz 15 %;
Dimensions: 420mm/ 310mm/ 150mm;
Weight: 4,5 kg;
Visualisation: Software for PC;
Pump capasity: 1.5 l/min;
Time for stand by: < 2 min.

Software for DEK DG-04IR


Gas analyser DEK DG-04IR
Bar view

Gas analyser DEK DG-04IR
Number view

Gas analyser DEK DG-04IR

Gas analyser DEK DG-04IR